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Saturday track (Running)

One of the most common misconception triathletes especially among long distance IRONMAN athletes have is that since the distance they race on the run is 21km to 42km, they would not benefit anything from track workouts. The truth is track running if conducted correctly, helps with overall running ability it makes you not only a faster runner but also a more "Efficient" one. 

We work on running techniques, learning drills that aims to develop your running form, strength & endurance. Running is a weight-bearing sport making it more injury prone compared to cycling or swimming, therefore good technique and correct training approach not only produce better running speed - it is also crucial to prevent unnecessary injuries. Thursday sessions are also not without huff & puff, expect certain weeks or programs with harder run sets to build that running fitness. 

If you have been struggling to improve your running level, this is where you want to be!    

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