Swim training &


This is where we started, coaching triathletes to swim better, fast and stronger! Our coaches come from competitive swimming background and races triathlon today, hence they understand how to mix the two up to make the best open water swimmer out from you.


Learn all you can about swimming, from mastering that freestyle stroke, open water skills, right to the What, Why and How your swimming techniques are affecting you from our experienced & passionate coaches! 

  • Group Session - Monday & Wednesday 8:00pm (Whale Swimming & Diving Academy). Cater to all levels from total beginners, intermediate to advanced.

  • Ladies Class - Tuesday 7:00pm (University Malaya). Minimum requirement is to able to swim 25m, this is more towards a stroke-correction class.

  • Private Session - You can choose to practice at our pool (Subang or University Malaya), or the convenience of your own condo pool. Any levels! Please contact us for details.

Contact us for details & free trial session!




“Personally, I find the group training to be very motivating as I am seeing great progress in myself, even though I am only attending one swim session per week”.

JOYCE YAP (Coached by Sue Teoh)

“I am now able to enjoy swimming in open water. It took me one year, from a total beginner to becoming comfortable swimming in the ocean. It is truly a huge achievement for me. I would have given up this dream if it weren’t for them (coaches)”