The club started out as a swim training session for triathletes known as "Triathlon Specific Swimming". Now a full-fledged Triathlon Training Squad that offers weekly group training session. Athletes range from beginners to advanced. Whether you are attempting your first triathlon race or a seasoned triathlete trying to break from a plateau, reach your fullest potential with GoGetter Triathlon Squad!








Aldrian’s achievement today is a journey 18 years in the making. Today, he is a semi-pro, ITU Elite athlete, racing with “Team TIME” and the Malaysian National Team. For the last 10 years, he has juggled his sporting passion while holding a full time corporate job.


He started out as a competitive swimmer in his younger days and only picked up triathlon in 1999. Back then, the sport was at its infancy and you can probably imagine that there was little resource or guidance available for one to progress successfully. Aldrian can attest that his success in the sport today comes from a combination of trial and error, and relearning and unlearning. From nasty injuries due to bad techniques to stagnation of performance at some points of his journey, he’s gone through them himself.


Today, even with the multitude of resource available, he still see athletes making the same mistakes as he did in the past. With the formation of this Squad, Aldrian hopes to share his experience and knowledge to its members, providing guidance to them, beginners especially, to steer them towards the right direction of development so they can enjoy the benefits of being in the sport and not go through the same mistakes as he has done in the past.

Aldrian handles the Advanced & Intermediate swim group, athletes in this group swims from as fast as 1min 05secs in a 100m best, or in general below 2:00 mins per 100m. He also conducts the Bike & Run (Brick) session.


Serena similiar like Aldrian came from a competitive swimming background, competed for 6 years from the age of 10 to 16 years and had won numerous time "Best Female Swimmer Award (Sarawak)" and had the opportunity to represent Malaysia at few international swimming meet. She clocks 4:45 in a 400m and 1:02 in a 100m Freestyle making it to the final in SUKMA.

Only started Triathlon in 2015 and didn't know how to ride a bicycle at all before that. With her strong swimming background and a natural runner (22mins / 5km) she has certainly progressed very well seeing her winning local races and finishing as top Malaysian athlete at recent ITU elite category race in Japan.


Results & Races 2017/18:

- Port Dickson International Triathlon (Sprint) (Champion @ 1hr 06mins)

- ITU Osaka, Japan (Sprint) (1hr 14mins)

- Sea Games 2017 (Reserved)

- Commonwealth Games 2018 (Representing Malaysia)  

With the combination of her knowledge over swimming technique, training method, racing experience, passion towards the sport and that "attention-to-details" character of hers... it makes her a good swimming coach & also a tough one! 

Serena currently handles the Beginners group in squad. These are mainly folks who swims 2:00 mins and above for 100m, or athletes who are trying to transit from breast-stroke to freestyle.


Albert Tan is a human performance scientist, coach and fitness trainer who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of endurance sports. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science & Masters in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in 2015, both in University of Malaya (UM).

Albert expertise in the areas like Periodization planning, Laboratory & field assessments, Nutritional and Recovery interventions for training and racing in the cold, hot and in higher altitude, jetlag and travel fatigue, Strength & Conditioning for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

He was formerly with “National Sports Institute of Malaysia” (ISN) for more than 10 years with his last appointment as ‘Head of Exercise Physiology’. During his time in ISN, he has helped Malaysia Aquatic sports, and assisted other endurance sports in winning medals in SEA games, ASIAN games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

A former elite runner himself, with a 10km PR of 33minutes. Albert is the squad's run coach - he handles the Thursday night track session and works closely with Aldrian managing the high performance athletes in the team, applying his knowledge in sport science to their training and conducting lab tests for the athletes.


Our key session! Meet & Train with like minded people. Every session is designed with an objective, be it technique, speed, strength, threshold, endurance etc. Training approach and strategy changes throughout the year according to different phases, it is also planned around selected races in the country & around the region. Athletes are divided according to their level (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced).

Our Weekly Sessions (Effective June 2018):

MONDAY - SWIM (7.30pm - 9.30pm @ Taylor's International School)

TUESDAY - BIKE & RUN (7:30pm - 9:30pm @ University of Malaya)
WEDNESDAY - SWIM (7.30pm - 9.00pm @ IGB International School)
THURSDAY - RUN (7.30pm - 9.30pm @ MPSJ Track)

1) Open Water (OW) swim practice on a quarterly basis.
2) Aquathlon - Swim & Run on certain Thursday night sessions.

3) Training Camp

Minimum Requirement - Able to finish 25m non-stop with freestyle (front-crawl)

Learning Freestyle Stroke - Know how to swim "frog style" (breastroke) but unable to swim freestyle properly?

We have a separate session for this. Once you "graduate" from here, move up to the next lane to swim with the big boys.

Group Session Charges:

Option 1: RM350/Per Month = 3 Session Per Week (Swim or Brick)

Option 2: RM300/Per Month = 2 Session Per Week (Swim or Brick)

Option 3: RM200/Per Month =  1 Session Per Week (Swim or Brick)

Option 4: For TRACK Session only = RM100/Per Month = 1 Session Per Week.

Note: Each training session is approximately 1.5 to 2 Hours.

PERSONAL PROGRAM (Customised Training Plan)

For the more serious athletes, we can customise training plan that fits your ability, schedule and personal goals.

Limited athletes at one time, for quality control purpose.


Please contact Aldrian for details.


Still can't quite comprehend what you are doing wrong?

Learn the What, Why and How your swimming technique is affecting you via a 1-On-1 video capture session, where we video capture your swim for in-depth analysis.

Fees: RM300.00 

Fees including a report, video and a follow up swim session with us.


"Started training with GGT in august 2017. My first event with the squad was CIP and i did well! I was very happy with my performance..i shaved 1hr03min from my first 70.3. My ultimate training goal with the squad is to better my swim at IMMY...after CIP, I start build up my confidence level that i can get PB for swim at IMMY and i did well again! Shaved 11min off from last year...this year i will continue  training with the squad...i've set a new target/goal for this . Hopefully i can achieve with their guidance and support!".


"I joined the squad in August 2017. My plan was to improve on my swimming technique and time after my performance hit a plateau in my recent event. I told Aldrian I was going to do my second Ironman in 3 month time and my fitness level was low.  For the first few weeks, I was placed in the slowest group but slowly I could feel my fitness level going up not only for swimming but overall fitness too! My first EVENT since joining the class was Challenge Iskandar Puteri which I clocked 38 minutes for 1.9km swim and that was a personal best of 21 minutes!
I continued training with the squad under Aldrian and Serena guidance. Finally, after 3 months under Aldrian’s coaching, the real test arrived. Ironman Malaysia 2017. I can feel my fitness level was in top form going into the race and I completed my swim leg in 1 hour 20 minutes, 15 minutes faster than my previous IM! 
I truly feel the training programme and the coaching system benefitted me well! They have a very structured program to prepare you for your big race. They are indeed superb. I just love the way he prepared his athlete for the race. Very systematic approach and highly recommended!".


"Honestly I just survived the 3.8km swim of the 2015 Ironman Malaysia with a timing of 1:54:03. Prior to that, I can't swim! I swam breast stroke during the 2015 Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya and I just made the cut off time. I made a vow to myself to improve my swimming for the 2016 season. I saw the Triathlon Specific Swimming page in FB and a friend recommended me to join the class. Fast forward, I have just completed my 2nd Ironman Malaysia with a 3.8km swim time of 1:26:33 - 27 minutes faster! I have also since completed the 2016 Kapas Marang International Swimathon 6.5km. Its Impressive!”


If you have no clue

Just like anything in life, if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Like any amateur, signed myself up for a triathlon race in2016 without having much clue, assuming it shall be sunshine rainbow after-all it is just an affair about swim then bike then run - how wrong can it be right ? The open water in during my first spring distance triathlon at Port Dickson beat up me big time, one of the choppiest ever in that race’s history, it was definitly a fight between man and the sea, and man vs men; hundreds of testosterone filled dudes gush into roaring sea, ain’t the kind of  people u wanna rub shoulder with in a swim race. With little further triathlon training, i tried my first Olympic Distance Tri in the following year, i completed the race too, except this time i was crippled 7 times from quads cramp during the run, it has given me enough hints how wrong things could hv gone in a bigger triathlon, such as Challenge 113 or Ironman. I texted Coach Aldrian “ i wanna do 7:30hr for Langkawi 70.3, i hv 6 mths left, do me” he replied “do-able”, the rest was history, that year i completed my first Challenge 113 and Ironman 70.3 slightly above 7 hrs. There is a price to to pay for to shave off any minutes from the race results, it is all about how much engagement we have with our coach to constantly improvise the training programs. Things may not work out the way we plan, but at least we have a plan, a plan that we believe will work. Gogetter Tri Squd is more than a plan, it is a team, a squad, an ambient, an environment - to go to, to get my goal, my next goals. 

Lum YL, 
70.3 Ironman, 113 Challenge finisher
23 years Old. 放牛班

"I must say… Both Aldrian & Serena are the type of coaches who are passionate, patience to guide, share knowledges. Aldrian is good at what is he doing, pays attention to details on his athletes, to ensure their “machines” are all well maintained under his supervision, finish the race strong and be healthy. 

Like what’s most newbie fears of - open water swim, I always think I’m going to drown anytime in OWS. After joining GGTS, I saw significant improvement in my first OD, even better timing in the my maiden Ironman 70.3 swim clocked at 45 mins! Definitely swimming skill improved in terms of technique, endurance and thanks to the group swim simulation, what’s best now is I’m more confident in OWS & comfortable in the sea of people. 

With 3 months of proper training programme and guidance, finally I came out from shin splint injury that bothers me for more than a year. The exciting moments were I got my pb sub 2 for a half marathon which I’ve been longing for years and sub 6 in my first Ironman 70.3! 

Nothing beats when you have a bunch of jokers in the squad (including your coach) to train, to play, to motivate, to inspire each other. Looking for more PB-s coming up!"

Elle Awesome Chang

“I knew that competing in any kind of Ironman was a challenge for me. I realized I needed guidance to train, so I began to join the squad in Aug 2017.
I completed in my first Iskandar Puteri Challenge during the Sep 2017. After that, I signed up for a Half Ironman Phuket, Thailand in Nov 2017. I shaved 30 mins faster than the previous race.I truly feel the improvement.
Without Aldrian direction, I wouldn’t have made it. He had me train for swimming, runnning and biking, of course, but also added strength training, which pulled it all together. To my wonderful coach, Aldrian and Serena, who made the perfect plan for me to be able to succeed and finish my race. 
There’s nothing I can’t do if I try!”

Wong Yik Lin

“I have join Aldrian and Serena class for about half years, reason I join is I need a coach to correct my swim stroke and I want to train my freestyle. Happy that both coaches are guiding and correcting every student. The drills, is really good as I can felt when I go into main set, will swim easier. Overall my timing, with same distance, is improved. 
Thx for your hardworks 🙂🙃 ”

Ester Chin

“Been doing triathlon about 2 years without a proper training plan and guidance. Notice that I reach to a point that I have no more idea on how to improve my performance and up-level my game. Get to know this training group from a friend and thinking to give a try and see if I can train more effectively and smartly.
With my hectic workload day job, I would need more effective and smart training rather than throwing long hour into training without improving myself. Been in the squad for 3 months, notice that all of my 3 disciplines are significantly improved.
Training would be more intense and serious, big races are coming in the second half of the year. With the guidance, I believe I am on the right track to improve myself.”

Jackal Chin

"I started swimming with GoGetter because I was planning to beat my pb in my next triathlon/swimmathon. I was a rudimentary swimmer and could not swim freestyle for long sessions. 

I was placed under Serena, one of highly skilled coached from GoGetter, who tailors her coaching to each swimmer, and provides excellent feedback regarding each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. She provides a safe but challenging experience.

I have come a long way with her guidance. My pace and confidence level improved significantly and eventually, I dared to register and able to complete my first IM in November, and feel much more confident in the swim leg. I have learned to swim freestyle comfortably and continue to grow in ability. I highly recommend GoGetter to beginners and advanced swimmers as well.



“I am Toto Ong, a certified wellness advisor and sports nutritional therapist. I have been actively involved in triathlons, local and overseas. I have completed many short and long distance triathlons and swimathons in the past 3years (2013-2015) but I was still looking for ways to improve my swimming skills and techniques.

I came to know Aldrian when I joined his clinic for Triathlon Specific Swimming. After joining his clinics, I realized my swim timing improved a lot and found that my open water swimming is not as taxing as before because I’ve applied better skills. I enjoyed attending his classes with my team mates. They keep me motivated to continue doing better. Regardless of how your swimming techniques are for now, I strongly encourage all triathletes who wants to improve their swim for their triathlon races, join our regular training session. You will be surprised!”

Toto Ong

“I started his tri programme since March 2016 after Chinese New Year if I'm not mistaken. I needed a coach after I was down with dengue in January and was having tough time gaining back my fitness. So between March to April, I was literally in kindergarten pace for SBR (Swim Bike Run)..

Long story short, I told him I wanted to do Challenge Iskandar Puteri in Aug 2016 (I told him around June), he said it is gonna be a tough training for 1.5 - 2 months, you must commit your time... Errr... Oh... Ok.. Game!

I follow his programme as close as possible (including some curi tulang days). I managed to clock 6:42 for my maiden half, well within Aldrian’s expectation of me completing at a time of 6:30-6:45. Pretty happy with the result and I've 'stuck' with him since then to improve my future tri timing so I can do one Ironman at the end of 2017.

Aldrian is not fierce but he will want you to follow his programme. He will bring you where you want to be! I believe he can bring me there and he will make sure I complete my ironman”

Patricia Lim

“A perfect place to learn triathlon specific swimming skills and a place to enhance swim confidence. Clear instructions on swim technique and Aldrian's friendly coaching style makes every lesson enjoyable.

I was a 3 minutes and a half / 100m pace swimmer and it took me only 5 months to be able to do 2 minutes / 100m pace.

Free tip-sharing among swim peers in the class, new triathlete friends made and more kaki to train together now!"

Adrian Teh


Mobile: 016 2054445 (Aldrian)/ 010 7897229                           (Serena)



(+60) 016 2054445

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