Ladies swim class 

This is a swim class that is dedicated to only ladies and headed by Serena Yang.

If you are looking for a comfortable environment within a smaller group (no more than 8 ladies per session), we have this class available for beginners to intermediate levels, with a minimal prerequisite that you can already swim 25 meters front crawl/freestyle, non-stop.

Under Serena’s guidance and your determination, you will be sure to excel to where your goal is! Contact us now for more details.

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"Swimming has always been my biggest weakness among the three disciplines, I decided that if I were to improve my Ironman record time, I would need an intensive training with a proper coach. Hence, I started my training session with coach Serena from scratch (in a beginner class). I made the right choice as I was able to improve my IRONMAN swimming time from 1hr 59min in 2016 to 1hr 48min in 2017. I was very happy!"



IRONMAN LANGKAWI 2019 (Top Malaysian Female)