YOU can make a difference!

WE are initiating a Donation Drive to help protect our front-liners.

You might have read how hospitals are running low on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), this is most likely due to the sudden surge of usage & demand. According to data, our local hospitals have only 20+ days of face shield remaining!

How - So here, we will be working with Ivan Lim who runs "POP specialist" they will produce the shields (made in Malaysia) each shield will cost RM5.00. From the donation, we will supply shields to UMMC (University Malaya Medical Centre) one of the covid hospital in the country. Our liaison in UMMC will be another super fit triathlete, Dr. Nik Qisti 

Donation - If you would like to donate, you can make transfer to my personal account below (I won't be able to issue you a receipt or anything official guys, just 3 guys coordinating trying to help not a formal body). 

Dateline - Collection will start today and ends on 23rd April (7 days), target is to supply to UMMC within 14 days 

Transparency - Once you transfer, it would help if you spend a few minute to fill up few details in the 'google doc' below. So that I can at least email to those who contributed a ledger of the collection for transparency. 

Bank Details:
Aldrian Yeo (Maybank) 

Provide me your contact here:

Collection ends: 23rd April'20

Common! A bag of potato chips or a shield for our super heroes?! 

Aldrian 🙌


(+60) 016 2054445

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