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Brief Introduction of Albert Tan, our “Coach-Scientist” who will be heading the Squad’s Track Session.

Albert Tan is a human performance scientist, coach and fitness trainer who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of endurance sports. A competitive runner since school time, Albert was a frequent winner in many open races, school meets and also at state level which he credited this success to the guidance from his personal coach whom he had the opportunity to train under since 19 years old. Driven by his passion and curiosity on the science behind endurance sports performance, he then pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science at the University of Malaya (UM) and carried on actively training & racing.

Upon graduation, Albert was recruited by the “National Sports Institute of Malaysia” (ISN) and have since then served ISN for more than 10 years with his last appointment as ‘Head of Exercise Physiology’ before venturing into freelance sports & fitness coaching, and pursuing his Masters in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in 2015.

Over the past 15 years, Albert has developed expertise in the areas like - Periodization planning, laboratory and field assessments, nutritional and recovery interventions for training and racing in the cold, hot and in higher altitude, jetlag and travel fatigue, strength and conditioning for injury prevention and performance enhancement. He is also interested in areas on healthy living, weight loss, longevity and metabolic diseases.

During his time in ISN, he has helped Malaysia Aquatic sports, and assisted other endurance sports in winning medals in SEA games, ASIAN games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. As a running coach, he has produced many podium finishers from track middle distance up to ultramarathon events.

Albert started venturing into Triathlon in 2013 and with his athletic background, it did not take long to see him on podium at local races. Unforeseen injury has force Albert from competing, but that never deter him from helping other endurance athletes, he had just gone through a surgery earlier this year to repair his injury and we hope to see Albert back in action as soon as possible. Albert’s goal is to become one of the best “Coach Scientist” in Malaysia and help Malaysians to achieve optimal health and physical performance through education and proper coaching.

Note: Track session is scheduled to start in July 2018.